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    Music and relationships took me from Portland>Chicago>NYC>Chicago and back to Portland. Around 2006, I was working such jobs as circus musician, 24 hour parking lot attendant, booking agent/whipping boy for renowned Indian tabla player, busking on the street downtown and selling salon packages to women on the streets of Chicago outside Macy’s in the snow. I joined The Drastics and began playing regular reggae gigs all over. We all played in multiple bands, lived and worked together. There was constant collaboration. Every day we had music for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Gerald Matthew Bailey and I formed Kibosh and soon began a weekly residency in Wicker Park at the now nonexistent, Trevia. This gig really allowed us to stretch out and grow as composers/arrangers/improvisers. I was lucky to have my boy Nick Rancone managing the bar and he gave me the opportunity to play. I was also working as bouncer at the club on the weekends on top of working full time at a guitar factory and teaching at a tiny music store on the far west side.

    Anthony Abbinanti had his studio in the coach house we shared and eventually it was time to record. This project got me hooked on writing/recording my own music and I still collaborate with as many of these musicians as I can even though we’re all in different states now. It was a big stepping stone for me. A lot of great memories and inspiring moments with these men. Thanks again to Tony for making it happen on the cheap for your basement homeboy.

    Little did I know soon after this I would be the victim of a hit and run accident on my bicycle on the way to work in the morning (The beginning of the Curse of The Drastics), breaking my scapula. The music would take a forced pause. Not long after that Chris broke his foot slipping on ice outside The Hideout after a gig and then Anthony got hit by a 7-Up truck on his bicycle. My replacement guitarist in The Drastics was also doored on his bicycle and broke his collar bone only to be followed by keyboardist, Otto Roeser getting hit by a drunk driver going the wrong direction on Lake Shore Drive right after he’d driven me home from our gig at 3am. Otto was badly hurt too. Next thing I know I’m giving away all my records and moving to NYC in my 93 Jeep Cherokee that was almost immediately stolen while visiting Jonathan Moto Bisagni in Brooklyn. Luckily the guy selling guns on the corner disguised as a rug salesman had my back…
    It was a crazy time for everyone. Looking back on it I don’t know how any of us have survived this long.

    Kibosh, “Degradations”
    Recorded June 2006 by Anthony Abbinanti at Dirty North Studios, Chicago

    Elliot Ross – Guitar, Fender Rhodes(on Palindrome and Broads,Again), compositions
    Gerald Bailey – Trumpet, Melodica(on Heart Shaped Box), compositions
    Charles Gorczynski – Alto and Soprano Saxophones
    Nate Lepine – Tenor Saxophone
    Christopher Merrill – Bass
    Oliver Hunt – drums
    Jah Son – percussion(Broads, Planet Caravan)

    All music by Kibosh except Planet Caravan(Black Sabbath) and Heart Shaped Box(Nirvana).

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